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What Do We Know About Chinese Industrial Subsidies?
CEPII Policy Brief, N°42, July 2023
François Chimits

Automation, Global Value Chains and Functional Specialization
CEPII Working Paper, N°2023-05, March 2023
Lionel FontagnéAriell ReshefGianluca Santoni, Giulio Vannelli

Clothing companies look to reduce China manufacturing exposure
Financial Times, February 18,  2023

End of China's zero-Covid policy expected to have limited effect on French economy
Le Monde, January 8,  2023
François Chimits

Central Bank Monetary Policy Strategies amid Turmoil in the World Economy
CEPII Policy Brief, N°39, November 2022
Michel Aglietta, Sabrina Khanniche

China is not an inconsequential industrial partner
Le Monde, November 16,  2022
François Chimits

Not all political relation shocks are alike: Assessing the impacts of US-China tensions on the oil market
CEPII Working Paper, N°2022-07, August 2022
Yifei Cai, Valérie Mignon, Jamel Saadaoui

Not all political relation shocks are alike: Assessing the impacts of US-China tensions on the oil market
Energy Economics, August 2022
Yifei Cai, Valérie Mignon, Jamel Saadaoui

“There is No vaccine for climate change” - How well Governments’COVID-19 green stimulus announcements contribute to business sustainability?
International Economics, Vol. 171, p.1-17, Q3 2022
Refk Selmi, Farid Makhlouf, Kamal Kasmaoui, Youssef Errami & Oussama Ben Atta

Global imbalances, external adjustment and propagated shocks: An African perspective from a global VAR model
International Economics, Vol. 165, p.186-203, Q1 2021
Oyeyinka S. Omoshoro-Jones, Lumengo Bonga-Bonga

Twin trade shocks: Spillovers from US-China trade tensions
International Economics, Vol. 167, p.174-188, Q3 2021
Alexei Kireyev, Andrei Leonidov

The 14th Five-year Plan in the New Era of China’s Reform Asian Integration, Belt and Road Initiative and Safeguarding Multilateralism
CEPII Policy Brief, N°36, May 2021
Michel Aglietta, Guo Bai, Camille Macaire

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