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Trade Unit Value Database  
Reference document

The Trade Unit Value database is a worldwide unit value database developed by the CEPII. The methodology relies on the Tariff lines database of the United Nations Statistical Division, corresponding to the values and quantities of trade declared by individual countries to the UN. Bilateral trade unit values are computed at a very high level of disaggregation before aggregation into Harmonized-System 6-digits categories to allow for cross-country comparability. The processing strategy improves the differentiation of trade prices within product categories, as compared to existing worldwide datasets.

The Trade Unit Values database contains Unit Value information (in US dollars per ton) over the period 2000-2010, with 162 reporters, 254 partners, and more than 5,000 product categories per year. The coverage changes over time. Unit values are provided in Harmonized System 1996 and 2002 revisions with 6 digits, Free on Board (FOB) and Cost of Insurance and Freight (CIF). The CIF unit values rely on importers’ declarations, and include all trade costs (except tariffs and domestic taxes after the border). The FOB unit value is a proxy for the trade price at the factory gate, relying on exporters’ declarations, and does not include trade costs.

The dataset is freely available, we just ask for a very quick registration to keep track of users of that dataset.

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Trade Unit Value Database
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Users of  CEPII international trade unit values database are kindly asked to cite the reference document : Berthou, Emlinger. (2011), "The Trade Unit Values Database", CEPII Working Paper N°2011-10, April 2011.

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