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updated : July 24, 2018
International Transport costs: New Findings from modeling additive costs
CEPII Working Paper, N°2018-10, August 2018
Guillaume Daudin, Jérôme Héricourt, Lise Patureau

Structure of Income Inequality and Household Leverage: Theory and Cross-Country Evidence
CEPII Working Paper, N°2017-01, February 2017
Rémi Bazillier, Jérôme Héricourt, Samuel Ligonnière

How Multi-Destination Firms Shape the Effect of Exchange Rate Volatility on Trade: Micro Evidence and Aggregate Implications
CEPII Working Paper, N°2016-05, March 2016
Jérôme Héricourt, Clément Nedoncelle

Relative Real Exchange-Rate Volatility, Multi-Destination Firms and Trade: Micro Evidence and Aggregate Implications
CEPII Working Paper, N°2015-03, March 2015
Jérôme Héricourt, Clément Nedoncelle

The Circular Relationship between Inequality, Leverage, and Financial Crises: Intertwined Mechanisms and Competing Evidence
CEPII Working Paper, N°2014-22, December 2014
Rémi Bazillier, Jérôme Héricourt

Exchange Rate Volatility, Financial Constraints and Trade: Empirical Evidence from Chinese Firms
CEPII Working Paper, N°2012-35, December 2012
Jérôme HéricourtSandra Poncet

Export Dynamics and Sales at Home
CEPII Working Paper, N°2011-33, December 2011
Nicolas Berman, Antoine BerthouJérôme Héricourt

From Various Degrees of Trade to Various Degrees of Financial Integration: What do Interest Rates Have to Say?
CEPII Working Paper, N°2009-01, January 2009
Adeline Bachellerie, Jérôme HéricourtValérie Mignon